I am extremely grateful to all those people who sent messages and all those whose blessing and support at various junctures made it possible for me to take up the position of Regional Vice President- ASSP Region IX.

These wishes, blessings and messages reinvigorate the spirit of working selflessly to give back to humanity at large and profession in specific that gives us our daily bread.

This is an opportunity to build bridges across geographies, professions and organisations to come together to Work towards “Making the World a Better Place to Live”. If all of us transform from thought of “What is in it for me?” to “What can I give to Other Human Beings”, we can surely transform the world. In my experience, all of have something to give, be it “Empathy towards our Colleagues”, “Generosity towards our Employees and Contractors”, “Love towards Orphans, Destitute and anybody who got it less”, “Time to our Family and friends”, and so on… Money is equally important to share and in my experience, you enjoy when you spend money on yourself and others and you toil when you earn it. So please spend it, share it and it will give you happiness and keep you away from diseases like “Dementia” and “Alzheimer”. It will also boost national and global economy.

Please act after the messages and share whatever you can and with whomsoever you want to make the world adorable. Please share your acts of sharing so that others get encourage. Please do not let Social Media breed inaction by just tonnes of messages, please act and share to make a positive difference in somebody’s life and trigger a chian of positive action.

Love, Live and Laugh.

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